As always, awesome work and everyone loves it. Letís proceed. Please ship DHL to arrive Monday.
I will write up a PO and fax it over.

Thanks!  V.R.  LA

Thank you for all the info and references... I have passed everything on to my boss. I am actually trying to get the backing for this project. This is not something that is currently in our budget or plans. I am trying to get this changed and would love to have the signals now. You definitely get the gold star for customer service and I applaud you for that. I know you have been in constant communications with John D. - he overseas my train operations. I have checked ya'll out and you would be the company to go with.


Once again thank you,






I trust that you and your son had a nice and safe trip back to Colorado.  I want to thank you and your family for not only building the shell, but bringing it to Alabama and installing it for us.  It was truly our pleasure getting to meet and work with you two even if it were for a short period of time. 



Dennis: Our signals are up and operating, they are working and looking great.
Everybody really likes them, they are 100 times better than the old orange
beasts that were there before. When I get a chance, I'll send some pictures of
the new ones and also the old pieces of junk to compare the ease of operation
between your signals and the old ones, as well as the appearance. Thanks again
for all your help, Mike.



The order arrived today.  Everything seems to be here and it all looks just as I expected-GREAT!!  Thanks so much for fixing me up with a wonderful addition to my little depot.





I received the speakers and pin and clip in great condition! I wish
everyone I worked with was as nice and professional as you are.
 Thank you so much and we are not far from putting the crossing arms up
and I will get you your picture.