Thanks for taking time to visit our website and I hope you will feel free to call me if you wish to discuss a project, regardless of size or complexity.

A family owned company for 25 years, SPC started out when I installed a small riding railroad for our children and the local schools, churches and neighbors, No company made signals or structures for the smaller scales, so I built my own. Word got out and within months, SPC was born. Our first job was building signals for a railroad themed  Burger King restaurant. A mall called and ordered numerous signals and asked if we could build them a small lighthouse. Since that day, we have filled a niche market of building as we put it "Anything in Any Scale From Any Era.

SPC has been providing fully functional railroad signals, props, obstacles, locomotives, safety towns, structures, ships, sets and displays for theme parks, television studios, estates,  mom & pop businesses, FEC's,  restaurants, individuals and business world wide.

 In addition to props for mini golf, theming and entertainment, SPC has also produced corporate trade show displays for a wide variety of companies. Our products are as diverse as it gets, so no request is considered unusual. Over the past twenty five years we have produced thousands of props, affordably and on time.

Again, thanks for your interest and please call or email me with any questions.

Regards and God Bless,


Dennis “Bones” Evers

”A man can do nothing better than to eat and drink and find satisfaction in his work.

                                 This too, I see, is from the hand of God”   Ecclesiastes 2:24